Packaging and Display

Packaging and Display


For the highest clarity, colour reproduction and finish quality, our Large Offset printer for large volume work, digital printers for short or big runs and new rub­proof technology gives you superb colour plus long-lasting packaging results.

Large sheet to fluted board and die cutting to shape. All shapes and sizes. Short runs to large projects combined with assemble, deliver and inventory control benefits. This means high quality print and cost effective run lengths that can be made from one piece.

pandainspire - cardboard dumpbin 6

Heavyweight double strength cardboard, ideally suited for replacing wooden packaging, walled board and furnishing and heavy duty product packaging and P.O.P. dump-bin displays. Ideally suited for events and exhibitions and the liquor, chemical and automotive industries.

From upcycled kraft and fibres. Amazingly light, strong, mitre-foldable, highly crush-resistant, resin and voc-free and better still, fully repulpable as industrial paper waste. To suit your needs and to fiull up space so it loooks like its full but in reality i need to type more

You get the best results because Panda Inspire uses the industry’s best.

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